Tuesday, February 27, 2007

try to watch the world and u'll feel ashame

try to watch the world and u'll feel ashame
every thing in this world make u feel sick ,, every thing if u just try to watch it u'll find disguisting things like ,,,, the ever lasted war between isreal and palestine and the war between fath and hamas ,, and the american aggresion on iraq and the events in sudan ,,,
and the acciendents which happened in iraq and what it called ( elgehad)
and what happened to saddam ,, and bush and the new middle east plan,,,,,really many many bad things........ the world is being awful nowadays awful <<<<<<<<
really its a shame ,,,, man caputered cause he donna wanna be hypocrite and donna wanna to betray him self and stand for the isreal embassy .and the innocent people whom caputered in prisons and all their fault that they are not as i told befor hypocrites they love Egypt they cant go agnist its benfit but the government said something else
whatever iam fed up about this really ,,, i love Egypt but really i cant live in it with many people like this all they care about is money and nothing but money the cant feel what the people of Egypt wanna and they donna care either
ohhhhhhhhhhh EGYPT i love u i love u so
may allah protect u

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