Tuesday, March 27, 2007

feelings 2

i've made this blog just to express my feelings ,, i confess that i donna have the talent to write poetry or something like that, but i guess i have the ablilty to express my feelings in a right way.
i wanna say what ever i wanna ,postive or negative . it dosent matter ,thats my ability .
and as u know there is a very big different between talent and ability.
i'll explain it later.

i have close friend , he shocked me when he said that iam showing off ,,,, showing off my love to my country ,, showing off my care to this country,,i cant explain how much i was angry ,,

i stood in front of a mirrior and tried to see my self
i discovered that iam not... really i love my country and scared form it to death as well,, cause of the corruption which will be inceased in the next few years ,,which will affected on my brothers and my family and me some day.

any way , iam not gonna write about that issues again , not cause of my friend but cause of myself ......it make no use and and it doesnt work any more..
that's my feelings now.

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Anonymous said...

dear rania
i wish u good luck with your blog
dont ever take notice of that friend who tried to get u down by saying u talk too much about our country
i do love my country and feel so attached to it just like u and i hate it when something bad happens here or when someone talks bad about it i feel like they r talking bad about me
and u know what?i hate it also when some egyptians start to tak badly about a certain arab country cause i think we r all connected and every country has its good sides and its bad ones
i wish u good luck with your blog my dear
u know whe u said u dont know how to write poetry it hits nerves inside of me cause im just the same and when i first started my blog i said to myself looking at all th beautifully written blogs with great poetry how my blog gonna sound and what im gonna writ about
i told myself im good at expressing my feelings so im gonna write about this even if i didnt get any comments but at least i got those feelings out of my chest which s healthy dont u think?
wish u all the best my friend(if u allow me to call u this)