Wednesday, March 7, 2007

what a story

lets tell a story
there was a big country, very big one ,the bigest of the world ,, they called it as the bigest country.
mmmm u donna know who called it that , i'll tell u the arbian countries, look
yea its really big.

this country considers it self as the most important country in the whole world and as they said they are responsible for all muslim countries ..... i donna know why but they always care about us they wanna our safety,,, every few years they occupy countries like iraq or afghanstan just to release the democracy all over the arab world ,, and get rid of the terrorists can u believe that?

i think its very obvious that Mr: bush and i pray to allah to bush him out of the world , that he is the son of mr: x
oopse i mean ( hetlr)

could u believe it? yea they are brothers , the same plan, the same thoughts, and ideas , the same hated of islam and muslims ,
yea, isreal is apart of this .all this cause of of isreal ,, they hate arab and muslims and we hated it more than any thing in this world it killed our sons by perfidy .they wanna to occupaied all the world and bush is follow them no thing more .. and the all arab countries cant do any thing. cant stand just one hand and deal with these two dirty persons . they afraid , they scare to death cause they wanna their chairs and be presidents as they are for life time , what ashame!!!!!!

but i guess their people donna agree about that policy.

i guess that every time Bush gonna on a speach to his people, i guess that he stood in front of a mirror and said iam alion iam alion iam alion

iam finished ,what do u think about that story

on my behalf i donna like it at all.


قاسم أفندي said...

لا بالعكس بقي
i like it

mermaid said...

me too i like it
بس لية مكتبتيهاش عربى مش تراعى اصحابك يا ساتر

Anonymous said...

me too i like it,,,it revelas a lot of reality by the way....not a very far imagination...may be it's more realistic than reality